Women’s Health: Lesley-Ann Brandt, star of cult series Lucifer on Netflix, is 37 and mom to an adorable toddler. But you’d never guess that, looking at the May issue of Women’s Health. Lesley-Ann is naked on the cover, save for her signature Africa tattoo with the little heart over her homeland – Cape Town, SA.

“To do this after a baby, at 37 years old, feels good. I know I’ll look back at this one day, happy to have it done it.” Lesley-Ann says of the bare-all cover.

And honestly, who wouldn’t be, with such a sexy, sculpted bod? Here’s how she keeps it in shape.

When Lesley-Ann first appeared on the cover of Women’s Health, shortly after her son was born, she already wasn’t a meat eater. Now she’s cut out other animal products as well. So to make sure she still gets all the nutrients her body needs, Lesley-Ann consulted a professional.

“I’m fully aware there are are millions of vegans who aren’t always ensuring they’re getting everything they need nutritionally,” she says. “So I’m seeing a doctor in conjunction to ensure my body is healthy and I’m not deprived of anything.”

Lesley-Ann enjoys exercise, but that doesn’t mean she never has days when she doesn’t feel like working out. When she’s working towards something, she buys herself cute workout gear that she can rock in the gym once she’s achieved her goal.

“In fact, I bought clothes while I was pregnant, with the goal of getting into them post pregnancy,” she says. What she doesn’t do: stand on the scale. “That’s just a terrible way to play mind games with yourself,” she says.

She works out with her personal trainer Paolo Mascitti four or five times a week, but she also works with a movement specialist and does yoga. Even her workouts with Paolo are varied, with each session including a mix of steady-state cardio, strength training and high-intensity interval training. It’s not just about the workouts. Lesley-Ann plays Mazikeen on Lucifer – a demon with a habit of finding herself in sticky situations and butt-kicking her way out of them. That means a lot of time spent with the stunt team. “Roundhouse kicks after a baby are very different,” she says. Ok, Lesley-Ann, if you say so.