Brief Take: Speaking to Lesley-Ann Brandt from the series Lucifer is not at all a devil-ish experience. She calls right on time on her way from the gym, and even pulls over to make sure that we can hear each other a little better. In fact, what is so remarkable about Brandt is how open she is to express her feelings and beliefs, after recently attending the opening of the Los Angeles LGBT Center as well as attending her first ClexaCon this past weekend. In addition, she shared exclusively with Brief Take what viewers, both first-timers and long-time fans, should anticipate from her character Mazikeen for this upcoming season of Lucifer.

The #SaveLucifer campaign working out must have been an incredible experience.

Lesley-Ann Brandt: Absolutely! These kinds of things don’t happen in our industry. But I think that it speaks to the times, the way that people view content now is so different and being able to have an ownership in content they watch and the shows that they want to see. The fans worked so hard to make sure that their voices were being heard, and even though we didn’t fit in the network model, they were finding ways to do it worldwide, so it makes sense for us to be on a streaming service. Particularly on Netflix, the biggest streaming service in the world, because we were on Netflix in a lot of countries already, and given the freedom that we have now, we obviously don’t want to lose our core audience or change the show so dramatically, that it’s no longer the show with which the fans fell in love—that being said, we do have some leeway to push boundaries. I just think that people are going to be really excited and I’m so happy for the fans, because they get to see the fruits of their labor and their tweeting and speaking up and will get to see that now.

And you now have a platform to explore the many sides of Mazikeen this season.

And that’s the thing about our show, in a weird way, even though we’re a light-hearted show that doesn’t take itself too seriously at times, which I think is part of the charm, that we have real, honest, human moments that really affect people. We see that when we go to the fan conventions – people come up and say “Oh my God, that scene in which you…” I had this Dad who came up to me in Australia, and he said “the scene in which Maze goes trick-or-treating, it touched me in such a way as a Dad, because I’m a Dad who struggles with these demons and I’ve always been scared to kind of share that with my kids. But when you unveil your demon face and went trick-or-treating, I think that no matter what are my demons, my kids are going to love me”. I mean… [gasps] Tears, down my face, the whole time. To have this scene resonate with a Dad in that way is crazy and so important for our writers to know, you know that what we do matters. So yeah, I’m excited too that on the other side of the coin, I do get to be a little more demonic, which is fun too.

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Lucifer is back! Mazikeen is back! and now on Netflix.

Release Date: May 8, 2019

Episodes Guide:

4×01 “Everything’s Okay”
4×02 “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno”
4×03 “O Ye of Little Faith, Father”
4×04 “All About Eve”
4×05 “Expire Erect”
4×06 “Orgy Pants to Work”
4×07 “Devil Is as Devil Does”
4×08 “Super Bad Boyfriend”
4×09 “Save Lucifer”
4×10 “King of Hell”