ABookOf: Lesley-Ann Brandt open book.
Article and interview made by Irvin Riviera for ‘A Book Of’.
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Like her tv character Maze, south-african actress Lesley-Ann Brandt is fiercely loyal, politically and socially conscious and can definitely cut you if you hurt the people she loves. Her first appearance as the leather-clad demon maze in lucifer’s first episode is magnetic and charged with a promise of an exciting storyline and she delivered. She exudes an aura of confidence yet you know there is gentleness and sophistication inside. In this exclusive interview, read how Lesley-Ann brings her innate cape town sass into her character, maze’s development throughout the seasons of ‘Lucifer’, why she would be a fanfiction book and learn more about her journey as an actress.


How did acting start for you?

I kind of fell into acting– I know which is weird of me saying because my husband went the completely opposite route. I had emigrated from Cape Town, South Africa when I was 17 years old. I was just never one of those kids who knew at 10 years old what they want to do- to be a lawyer, be a doctor or something.

I didn’t know how to harness this creativity that I had. And where I grew up in Cape Town, what I do for a living wasn’t an option for me. I was born in 1981 during apartheid in South Africa. So what my parents knew was just really survival to be honest with you. It wasn’t until I moved to New Zealand and it happened.

I would say I am always a bit of a clown as a child growing up in Cape Town but I use that creative big personality in commercials. And it was a casting director who pulled me aside one day and she said “you really need to take this seriously because I think you can have a career in acting.”

I was working as an I.T. recruitment consultant when I auditioned for my first acting role and I got it. I quit my job and I started acting and then my next job was Spartacus and I moved to Los Angeles. And it just happened like that.

What’s your most memorable audition?

Probably the first one when I came to Los Angeles when I took a giant dump in the room. In New Zealand, it’s usually The Casting Director and the Camera so it’s very intimate. And I’ve never been in a room full of producers and a casting director and just people who seem like they were looking for you to mess up and I was very nervous and I stumbled.

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